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Latin American School for kids in London

ESFORAL is celebrating 10 years promoting the latin american culture in the UK.

The Latin American School of Artistic and Cultural Education (ESFORAL) is an endeavour by a group of Latin American teachers, concerned with the education of Latin American children and young people, born or brought up in the United Kingdom.

Esforal celebra 10 años

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Workshops and Activities
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Elshaddai Money trainingfor kids
Increasing financial knowledge of children from an early age, prepares them to take informed financial decisions in their adult lives. Elshaddai money training is a project created to educate kids about finance, they offer an array of bespoke workshops to local community groups on numerous money related topics. Kids will be familiarise with topics such as: How to open a basic bank account, how to produce a household budget and how to avoid unnecessary debt.

If you want to know more about this interesting project and what is the best way to introduce your kids into financial education you can contact Elshaddai Money traning at

Vivo Miles - an innovative way to teach students about financial management
Septmeber 2011
Vivo MilesFinancial matters and the benefits of saving are just two of the topics that are being addressed by schools across the UK using the award-winning Vivo online rewards system. With the new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Financial Education for Young People, one of the largest APPGs ever, pushing the issue further up the political agenda, economic well-being is very much at the forefront of teachers’ minds.

It’s a great introduction to the world of banking too, as the Vivo Rewards user interface has the look and feel of a traditional online bank account, where students can check their balance, analyse transactions and work out how many Vivos they must save to qualify for a gift from the online shop. It’s a great motivator and teaches them the basics of financial management and the importance of saving. It’s widely used in cross curricular activity for business studies, PHSE, Maths and Workskills too.”

For further information about Vivo Rewards and its range of solutions and applications, visit the website

Esforal received Gold Award Pan-London Supplementary Schools Quality Framework

Mar 2011
The Latin American school ESFORAL, has received its third Gold recognition from the educational authorities of the City of London. The award was presented by JOE HAYMAN, the Deputy Chief Executive for Corporate Strategy at ContinYou in representation of the Ministry of Education.

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